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ALPHA - Shower Base (Rectangle & Square)

Product Description

    This base is designed and made to accompany almost any enclosure. This is crafted with durable acrylic and a textured
    surface to avoid accidental slipping. Rectangular three tiling flange center drain with acrylic concealed cover.

  • White color; high quality scratch-resistant and stain-resistant acrylic
  • Slip-resistant textured floor for safe showering
  • 3 tile flange
  • Integrated tile flange for easy installation and waterproofing; fiberglass reinforcement for durability
  • Drain center location
  • Drain and stainless ABS cover are included
  • Plumbing codes vary by state; LUXWAY is not responsible for code compliance

Features and specifications
Product code: Wide Deep: Height:
L8SBRE6032-3C-W 60” 32” 3 1/2””
L8SBRE4836-3C-W 48” 36” 3 1/2””
L8SBSQ3636-3C-W 36” 36” 3 1/2””

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